Kids Yoga Club

Harbour House, Kingsbridge. Spanda Studio.

10.30 - 11.30

Recommended ages 4+

Move, play and connect as a family. this hour long workshop is a great way to have fun and learn yoga as a family. We will explore yoga poses and breathing through partner moves, games and stories.

£8 per parent and child. £2 each additional person.


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Aveton Gifford Village Hall

Ages 4 - 8  9.30am until 10.15

Ages 9 - 11 10.30 am until 11.30

A fun introduction to yoga for kids, including games, songs and craft. Parents are welcome to stay if they would like to join in or watch but also free to drop off. We only ask that little brothers and sisters stay at home as they can too much of a distraction!

£5 per child


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Family Yoga and Hoop Workshops


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Private sessions

Have your own yoga session as a family or for your kids - designed just for you! Either in your own home, garden or even at the beach or park.

Prices start at £50


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Marlborough Village Hall


Recommended ages 5+


Join us for a joyful, lighthearted family yoga and hula hoop workshop. You will play creatively and build a love for fun physical activity together, securing family bonds and creating lasting memories along the way.

The family hula hoop workshop is a super fun session which incorporates on body hooping and off body tricks, hoop games and lots of laughs.

In the family yoga session we bring our imagination and sense of fun to yoga and explore plenty of partner moves and yoga games.

£25 per parent and child. £5 each additional person.

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Family Yoga Workshops


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